~ Swartz Family Farm ~

Welcome to Swartz Family Farm in North Amherst, MA. Swartz Family Farm is also home to the Sky Vegetables Research and Development/Grower Training Facility.

*For those of you on TWITTER, please connect with "Swartz Farm" for quick updates and vendor information

Our Farm operates 12 months per year, continually growing crops in our climate controlled greenhouses. We produce high quality, pesticide-free lettuce,micro-greens, culinary herbs, cooking greens, and salad mix for sale in select local grocery stores, and specialty food stores.

*You asked to be able to have a full line of our greens available to you seven days a week. We love our customers and we listen. You will be able to find a full line of Swartz Family Farm Greens all nestled together in one spot at these handpicked wonderful local markets:

*Amherst - ATKINS MARKET - corner of Rt. 116 & Bay Road / * Visit them @ http://www.atkinsfarms.com/ (to link simply cut and paste) or on facebook at Atkins Country Market!

*Cushman- THE CUSHMAN MARKET - 491 Pine Street (ONLY selling salad mix). * Visit them online @ http://www.cushmanmarket.com/ ( to link, simply cut and paste) or on facebook at Cushman Market!

*Northampton: STATE STREET FRUIT - 51 State Street / * Visit them online @ http://www.statestreetfruit.com/ (to link, simply cut and paste) or on facebook at Sate Street Fruit!

*Florence- COOPER'S CORNER- 31 Main Street - * Visit them online @ http://www.statestreetfruit.com/coopers_corner/index.php (to link, simply cut and paste) or on facebook at Cooper's Corner!


Our new 8,000 square foot farm on the rooftop at Tinton Avenue in the Bronx, NY is complete!!! We are now the FIRST rooftop hydroponic farm in the USA to sit atop public housing. Over 2,500 pounds of fresh food is grown every week in the heart of the Bronx, New York!

Sky Vegetables is a leading urban rooftop farming company (see www.SkyVegetables.com)

Farming on the rooftops? Yes! That's right! While we take our local farms for granted sometimes, most urban areas rarely see fresh, nutritious produce. Since there is a lack of available farmland in our urban areas, they are forced to rely on a cumbersome and ineffecient food transportation and distribution system. Sky Vegetables brings local food production back! Joe, who is the director of Farming, and the rest of the Sky Vegetables Team, design, build, and operate pesticide free hydroponic farms on otherwise unused rooftops in our cities. We currently have a farm under construction in the Bronx, NY, and a second development slated to begin in 2012 in Brockton, MA. The cities of Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA are also working with Sky Vegetables for rooftop farms to be located in their cities in the very near future. With our R & D/Grower Training Facility located here at the farm, we are always looking for new and dynamic people who want to get invovled! If this sounds like something that you might be intested in, please hit the "contact" button and let us know!