~ Swartz Family Farm ~

Welcome to Swartz Family Farm in North Amherst, MA. Originally founded in 1919, we have been pioneering year-round, controlled environment sustainable farming for nearly 30 years!

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Our Farm operates 12 months per year, continually growing crops in our climate controlled greenhouses. We produce high quality, pesticide-free lettuce,micro-greens, culinary herbs, cooking greens, and salad mix for sale in select local grocery stores, specialty food stores, and through our Winter CSA programs.

Swartz Farm Winter Greens CSA

Session One
*Begins: Friday, November 14th, 2014
*Ends: Friday, January 23rd, 2015

*Duration: 11 weeks
*Cost $205.00
*Weekly Bag:
 1 (8 oz.) bag of Swartz Farm famous Salad Mix!
 1 head of Bibb/Leaf Lettuce
 1 bunch of Ruby Chard
 1 bunch of upland cress
 1 bunch baby bok choy

2 of the following (will be on a rotating schedule)
1 bunch basil
1 kale
1 living salad
1 stir fry mix (a nice big colorful bag of ruby chard, kale and bok choy ready for the wok or pan)
1 celery
1 Arugula

*How do I sign up?

1.) Send an e-mail to : princessmarigold23@gmail.com. Please make sure that your e-mail includes your NAME ( to put on your bag) and PHONE NUMBER (in case we have to reach you if you are running late, there is a blizzard or the sky is raining frogs).

2.) Please send your check for $205.00 made out to Swartz Family Farm. Please send it to: Sarah Swartz/ Swartz Family Farm/ 11 Meadow Street/Amherst, MA 01002.

3.) Sarah will send you email confirmation of your CSA Membership and the receipt of your check. Thank you so very much for supporting our family farm <3

*Where do I pick up and when:

Your share will be in a rather lovely brown paper handled bag with your name on it in The Farmer's Wife room. Pickup is on Fridays from noon to 7pm.
**The only exceptionto this is that the weeks before THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, and NEW YEARS we will have pick up on the TUESDAY before the holiday.

**Dont worry, well remind you as the dates get closer!

If you do not pick up your bag during these hours your bag will be donated to The Amherst Survival Center.

If you have any further questions please e-mail the farm @ princessmarigold23 or call 1.413.362.5000. We are thrilled to be doing this again and cannot wait to see your bright happy faces (0:


Swartz Family Farm .

*You asked to be able to have a full line of our greens available to you seven days a week. We love our customers and we listen. You will be able to find a full line of Swartz Family Farm Greens all nestled together in one spot at these handpicked wonderful local markets:

*Amherst - ATKINS MARKET - corner of Rt. 116 & Bay Road / * Visit them @ http://www.atkinsfarms.com/ (to link simply cut and paste) or on facebook at Atkins Country Market!

*Cushman- THE CUSHMAN MARKET - 491 Pine Street (ONLY selling salad mix). * Visit them online @ http://www.cushmanmarket.com/ ( to link, simply cut and paste) or on facebook at Cushman Market!

*Northampton: STATE STREET FRUIT - 51 State Street / * Visit them online @ http://www.statestreetfruit.com/ (to link, simply cut and paste) or on facebook at Sate Street Fruit!

*Florence- COOPER'S CORNER- 31 Main Street - * Visit them online @ http://www.statestreetfruit.com/coopers_corner/index.php (to link, simply cut and paste) or on facebook at Cooper's Corner!